Painting the Winter Landscape:

January 09, 2016
For any painter, whether they happen to live in the northern climes or not, painting the winter landscape is an exciting challenge. Especially in countries which have fou...
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The French Riviera

October 09, 2015
It was 1992, and I was about to make my first trip across the rolling Atlantic and stay on the French Riviera for a couple of weeks. A Canadian friend of mine rented a be...
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Culture Projects:

October 05, 2015
In 2012, Julia Yakobi, an artist friend of mine, and owner of “Canadian Art Concepts Corporation” proposed that three Canadian artists, including me, exhibit their work i...
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Art and Culture:

September 19, 2015
“Have you really ever considered the role that artists of all sorts play in our modern society?” I dare say that most people have not. When I start to teach a painting...
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September Workshop: Mill of Kintail

September 12, 2015
The third and final summer workshop went extremely the two previous ones had. Despite the fact that it is September, the weather continued to feel more like mi...
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My First Day in Brittany:

September 05, 2015
I had gone to bed the previous night with a blanket on, which was really necessary due to the cool night air that comes from the Atlantic Ocean. It was so great to sleep...
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A Day on the Boat:

August 28, 2015
Brittany was such a fascinating place, and I must tell you about a day spent on the boat. Once again I will just write what I wrote in my diary on July 30, 1994. I sl...
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Mill of Kintail Painting Workshop, August 2015

August 22, 2015
The second workshop was sold out! It was such a pleasure to work with eight talented enthusiastic painters for two days! The weather was very humid, but with an a...
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A Visit to Brittany:

August 15, 2015
Once again, I am looking in my Paris diary and see that on this day I called my friend Benedict. She came from France to Canada many years ago to live and work, and now s...
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Off to the Louvre and Beyond: July 26, 1994

August 08, 2015
I usually keep a diary when I travel, so this morning I was glancing through my Paris diary to see what I did on this day 21 years ago. I have decided to write it down fo...
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Exploring More of Paris:

August 01, 2015
I have written about Paris before in several blogs, and there is still so much more to say. When a city is over 2000 years old, there is a great deal to look at and think...
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Teachers and Education

July 27, 2015
I often think about influential teachers I have had at different times of my life. Often, the value of a good teacher is not appreciated until years later, which is reall...
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Mill of Kintail Painting Workshop, July 2015

July 18, 2015
The workshop was a wonderful success! The weather was glorious, and we were able to work indoors and out. Sketching in the shade of a huge maple or oak tree, and listenin...
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“Paris Days...Much to See and Do”

July 05, 2015
I would often be up and sitting at the breakfast table by 6 am. Paris only seemed to start to quiet down around 2 am,and then began to resume it's daily rhythm by 7am. T...
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Artists are Collectors

May 22, 2015
I have always been a collector of things. When I was a kid it was rocks, fossils, nature cards, hockey cards, coins, stamps....none had any great monetary value, but a...
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