Mill of Kintail  Acrylic Painting Workshops - 2022


Each workshop will be from 12 to 5 pm and $110.


May 7th.

June 11th.

July 16th.

August 20th.

September 17th.

October 15th.


Basics of colour and composition will be discussed at the beginning of the session, as well as sketching and drawing.

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We will be working out painting ideas from sketches that we make either from subjects we see on the Mill of Kintail grounds, or from photo reference that you might bring along.




There is always a great spirit of friendship and co-­operation in my

workshops, and with more than four decades of experience as a professional

artist, I can give you expert help at all stages of painting.








Please, contact me at [email protected] soon to register, as there are only 10 seats available.


Mill of Kintail: a brief history


We will be visiting the Mill Museum in the summer months to see the holiday home and studio of one of Canada's most accomplished and revered artists, Dr. Robert Tait McKenzie. This tranquil setting was also visited by guests such as the Governor General of Canada, and artists like A. Y. Jackson.

He was a real renaissance man in that his career involved medicine, art, teaching, writing and mentoring.

Each of these fields brought Dr. McKenzie worldwide recognition.

The subject matter we will consider is varied... from the Mill of Kintail architecture, to the beauty of the river banks and the pristine forest. The beauty of the Mill and it's grounds is captivating, and inspiring!



I expect that you will learn quite a lot in our time together, and this should hopefully motivate you to continue drawing, painting, and taking photos to use in the future. Most of all “It should be fun!”

The more you do, the better you will feel. Self-confidence is very important, so always look at each painting or drawing as a mystery, a challenge, and a puzzle to be solved. Just do your best, and don't give up!

Photos are frozen moments of time that you will be able to look at and enjoy for years to come. They also serve as great reference for paintings, so take many!


     Remember, “You can't create art by just thinking about it; you must physically do it.


Pablo Picasso said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life.”