On the edge of discovery

This is a beautifully designed and printed, 80 page, soft cover, art book with over 70 colour plates of paintings, drawings and photographs.

In 2008, work began on Blair's book "On the Edge of Discovery:  contemporary paintings in a personal context".  Where to start? He had not written before, so talking about his life and art from childhood to the present time was a daunting task, but once he grew to enjoy it, the further he got into it.

In about one month, and after several edits, the text was completed. He has now written a draft for a second book dealing with his travels and adventures in Ireland, but whether it ever attracts the interest of a publisher he doesn't know. 

Creating a book is a very labour intensive activity involving a talented team of individuals. Blair learned a huge amount from this experience and has an even greater respect for books than he had in the past.

To order, please email Blair at [email protected]

blair thomas paul, book - on the edge of discoveryon the edge of discovery