"Blair T. Paul's guest presenter at the Mill of Kintail Summer Workshop, is the accomplished Canadian photographer Chris MacFarlane.


Chris received his formal education at Ryerson University and studied with well-known photographers such as;
Karin Rosenthal, Freeman Patterson, Andre Gallant, Bill Allard and Harvey Lloyd.




His first professional work, was that of a custom cibachrome mural printer, where he quickly learned that the final stage of the photographic process –an exhibited print or published portfolio, etc., the output or what the viewer views, is everything to user experience.

He later became a custom printer, media producer and freelance photographer in Ottawa. He is currently employed as a photographer, producer and web analyst at a local college. The college recently won an award which is recognized in the USA and Canadian marketing area and prominently featured many of Chris’ images. He also photographs and produces the College’s local theatre ads.

As an avid advocate of new photographic technology (as well as having a deep respect for the historical past), Chris has embarked on a project of creating 'artistic aerial imagery'. The emergence of multi multidisciplinary technologies has created an unparalleled opportunity for photographers.


Photographer with 3DR Solo Drone - camera modification (GoPro / Backbone Ribcage).

Extraterrestrial Signals



His work was recently shown at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA (Boston).

The exhibit may also travel throughout the north eastern USA this summer, to various exhibits.

His work is represented by The Canadian Art Concepts Corporation in Toronto.

They can also be purchased directly by contacting the artist at

[email protected]