As the new year begins we will continue our creative adventures together and I have listed some of the projects that we will be doing.

Each one has a purpose, so do your best!!

   -Paint a famous museum art work...any subject. -
   -Pointillist painting in the style of Seurat and other artists.
   -Portrait of a household object...monochromatic.
   -Portrait of a household object...full palette.
   -Landscape juxtaposition silhouette vs detail.
   -Four seasons abstract landscape...only colour & texture.
   -Copy a charicature, then create your own.
   -Rectalinear design still life.
   -Curvalinear design still life.
   -Painting shiny metal objects.
   -Paint your favourite castle.
   -Paint a tropical landscape/seascape.
   -Paint drapery.
   -Low relief still life.
   -Irish landscape/seascape.
   -Mexican landscape/seascape.
   -Painting glass objects in a still life.
   -Painting a portrait.
   -Painting an animal or bird.
   -Painting a mechanical object.
   -Painting Canada-13 subjects of interest.

Each of these projects will have 2 weeks to work on, or longer if needed, and the projects may not be in the order shown. Other subjects may be added to this list as we progress, and I am open to students suggesting subjects to the group too.

We will have fun and you will learn a great deal I am sure, so just do your best with each pressure what so ever! Thanks.